Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Bridge..

'Seldom' : the frequency to which my encounters with inspiring pieces of text have decayed. So when I read this particular piece, from the ensuing stillness came the hurtling compulsion to acknowledge the the impact its had on me. Lucid, atmospheric, immensely thought provoking; reminded me of a combination of 'Virginia Woolf' and 'Two Tramps in Mud Time'....

'The Bridge' - Anushka Debnath

"My eyes fixed on the other end of that frail and rickety bridge. Their depths soon filled with the dawning of countless consequences eminent to befall my walk across the turbulent waters. The sun setting on the horizon marks the commencement of my journey. Slowly my gaze drops to the dark black mass of water - resembling nothing but a predator. A wise and experienced one - lurking and awaiting it's prey. Beguiling at first sight.

Again my eyes wander to the horizon. The last few rays of hope - the last few beams of guiding light - sinking into the depths of the unknown.

I see you standing on the other side. Friend or foe? I'm not too sure. You scare me yet lure me towards you. I want you and then again...maybe I don't. Who are you?

Every departing being has someone to bade goodbye. I turn around - wanting to see a friend who catches me in her embrace, wanting to see a loved one with a tear stained face, wanting to see the lover - each part of my being craves for, wanting to see the father whose worried eyes are clouded by his judgement of my apparent prodigality - nevertheless wanting to see someone. But all I am faced with is the ghost of happy memories whose invisible presence seems to be chiding me.

A single tear trickles down the side of my pale face. The quiet twilight and soothing russet sky - Nature's parting gift. But my choice has been made. A sigh escapes me as, with eyes downcast, I turn to face the bridge. My bridge."